Get data from collection and array

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Im still confused with get and map functions and I can’t get title, seller_sku from this structure and value from requested_quantity.
get array

Any idea or help how I can get them?
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Hi @ipoblete,

Some questions, Do you want to get the seller_sku and value from all the order_items or do you want to do it for individual bundle?

If you want to get the seller_sku as an array then the simple way to get this done will be to use map and get function in conjunction.

To get SKU,

{{map(1.order_items; “item.seller_sku”)}}

To get the Requested Quantity,

{{map(1.order_items; “requested_quanitiy.value”)}}

you can then use get or first or last function to get any single data from it.

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Hi @Runcorn,
thank you. it worked,
Best regards,

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