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Hello guys and girls,

Hope you are doing well. I have a question. I have a scenario that searches inside a folder if a subfolder is already made or not.
If the folder is already the file needs to be uploaded in the subfolder.

But I can’t find the folder ID of the subfolder it searched inside of the Search module.
How can I fix this?

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Could you please share screenshots of the module fields and/or filters in question? It would really help other community members to see what you’re looking at.

You can also export the blueprint file to allow others to replicate the issue. At the bottom of the scenario editor, you can click on the three dots to find the Export Blueprint menu item.


Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (119.3 KB)


Hello Sam, thanks for your reply
here is the blueprint.

The ondedrive Folder structure is. January> 1 January.

If the folder 1 January isn’t made, the folder will be made.
The file must be uploaded to the 1 January subfolder.

If the subfolder is already made, the file still needs to be uploaded in the subfolder(1 January)
Looking forward to your reply

blueprint(1).json (20.6 KB)


I got it working on my end

  1. Trigger set up

  1. Scenario

  1. Filter (has bundle and has Item ID {{}}

  1. Upload to folder: {{}}

  1. Fallback route no folder

  1. Create folder (same settings as trigger)

  1. Upload to folder: {{}}
    do note this is from module 4 id, not the trigger output id

blueprint.json (24.9 KB)

Before run in folder January:

First run, folder “1 January” created:

Second run, upload file:

Hey Sam,

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your answer.

I had the same solution, but the scenario didn’t work because of my folder names.
I made the folder structure to structure my folders inside of OneDrive: 1. January, 2 . February, 3 March.

Because I was searching for 1 January it took the folder instead of the subfolder.

But I appreciate your work, and thanks for the time you’ve put into this!

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No worries, I’m glad you figured it out!

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