Get function not working sometimes

Hi Community,

I came across something strange. I ahve the following JSON that has 2 arrays: positive_sentiment and negative_sentiment.

each of those phrases need to be sent to webflow as paragraph, so I use the following GET method to grab them from the JSOn

The problem is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have explored all previous parameters to see if anything is different, but the fact that they sometimes work and not other times is also happening for the same request.

I am looking for a solution that makes sure that it works all the time.

I have previously tried set variables right after the JSOn, but i get the same results.

Can anyone please help?

Hi @Halim,

What do you mean exactly with sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? And why did you map the 1 item of the positive_sentiment array twice?


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My goal is to get the positive sentiment phrases, each as a paragraph that will go to webflow rich text field. The maximum number of phrases the JSON is in charge is 10, and that’s why I have in webflow 10 paragraphs with GET for positive sentiment, and 10 in negative sentiment.

I meant by sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t that if I run tout he scenario with a similar input, the output is sometimes picked up by webflow, and somethines not (the purple fiels become white as inactive)

Yes, but what is the purpose of adding it twice here:

We would really need to see an instance of it not working, before we can troubleshoot better.
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@Henk-Operative that’s a typo, thanks for pointing that.

In general, is using the GET formula to get data from that JSON to webflow the right solution?

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You’ll probably want to use the built-in function join on the entire array.


<p>{{join(63.positive_sentiment; "</p><p>")}}</p>

For more information, see the function documentation in the Help Center.

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Help Center Basics

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Thanks @samliew it seems that the JOIN is better suited.

I have run the scenario 3 times, it worked for the first and third play, but not for the second.

Here’s how it looks like for the scenario play that failed to capture the data

they should be purple.

Any idea why it might not work? note that the phrases for both positive and negative can be up to 10. in our failed instance, there was 7 positives and 0 negatives. (side note: the JOIN worked for the other two where we had also a mixture of positives and negatives.)

Looks correct to me. Any error messages?

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hey @samliew your are a star. I tried again the same data and it’s working.

Thanks for your help

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No problem, glad I could help!

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