get last update from airtble

Hi, I have a scenario that watches for the last update on airtable and updates my website by HTTP API
The scenario works well on hard-code value (order id) but when it’s run – the airtable module does not manage to get the last update row on airtable – any idea?

@confis by ‘Last Update’ Airtable is not referencing the last record which has been updated. Its looking for any record where the last update is later than the record it processed since its last run (or since the start point/time).

For example Say you set the start time of scenario to run today at 12:00p.
When the scenario runs it will pull as many records as ‘Limit’ has been set (in your case 1).
It will get the first record which had been updated. and return 1 bundle/record.
If you up the limit to say 100 then it will grab up to 100 last updated records each in their own bundle for processing.

Then when you run the scenario again (1 hour later) it will grab ALL records (up to 100) that have been updated in the last hour.

If you really want the “LAST RECORD WHICH HAS BEEN UPDATED” e.g. the most recently updated recorded. then you could filter to only process the final bundle of your scenario. However the scenario will have to have a high enough limit and be run frequently enough to ensure that you always get every record that has been updated.

Hope that explanation helps with where you are at. it might be helpful to post your use-case to really get down to what the trigger needs to be.