Getting a value from an array based on an input field

Hey team,

Trying to connect a monday item to post an item on webflow and connect a related collection based on the role of the job posted in

After pulling all items from a collection, I was able to post to Webflow, but then it would post a collection item for each job role.

So I have put the full list data through an array aggregator. And I am trying to get the item id to be the output based on the role input. By having that go through a switch, and then that output is used as the item id for the related collection “role”.

I have watched a couple of videos about it with no luck.
blueprint.json (48.7 KB)

After getting some assistance from support here is the solution:

I needed to put the item pattern and output in manually. shown in the image attached:

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Thanks for that solution @Carlos !
Always good to also provide screenshots of the settings you are using inside of the variable(s) with issues. This way we could help you better inside the community.

Good job!

Hey Bjorn,

I will keep that in mind for future issues that pop up!

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

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