Getting CSV from Google Sheet and emailing it

Hi there,

I’m looking to move my automations from Zapier to Make, and I’ve rebuilt my automation all the way to the final stage which is to email out a CSV of a Google Sheet created as part of the process.

In Zapier, I used this

To locate the CSV via the autogenerated link in Google Sheets and send it. I can’t make this work in Make.

I suspect it might have something to do with file permissions, which I have also struggled to adjust using Make. I found a thread in this community that talks about using an API to change permissions, but when I followed the instructions this didn’t work.

Any help gratefully received!

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So whats the exact issue? You can´t send an email or can´t attach the csv? I am not sure, what the problem really is

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So I can’t get hold of the CSV.

An important point I forgot to mention… I need the SECOND tab of the google sheet as a CSV, not the first.

On Zapier, I was able to doctor together the auto generated google CSV link with elements from previous steps (file ID, sheet ID) and then dump that into the ‘attachment’ box on the Gmail step to get a CSV sent.

I’ve actually just solved part of it :slight_smile: I used ‘Google Drive - Get a Share Link’ to set the permissions and then it seems the ‘HTTP - Get a File’ can access it… but it’s getting the first sheet not the second one…

Never mind - I solved it!

The same syntax for Zapier worked in the HTTP - Get a File module in Make :slight_smile:

Hello there @Orange_Property and welcome to the community :wave:,

just wanted to give you a pat on the back for the great job you did with figuring this out! It makes me happy to see Makers learning how to work with the product and fixing their issues.

FYI I marked your suggestion as a solution so other users can find it while searching for help with similar issues. Thank you for doing the same in the future :smiling_face:.

Keep up the good work!