How do I Download a regularly Updated CSV File from a Website and Import it to a Google Sheet

Hello Community, I’m pretty new to Make found a YT video about a week ago and I’ve been thrilled about the automation possibilities I can achieve through Make.

I need help on how to implement this process below:

There is a website that regularly updates a CSV file and its available for download. But the file changes after every update (a date is appended to the filename to indicate the version)

I get an update email anytime this CSV file is updated so I can configure Make to monitor this update email and use that as a trigger.

How can I set up Make to download this CSV file (the filename changes with each new update) every time it is updated and import it into a Google Sheet?

What modules do I need to implement this and how do I proceed?


@John_Snow please see the questions below, that will help determine the approach.

Does the file name of the csv have a non-changing naming convention? Such as date+filename? Like YYYY-MM-DD-filename.csv?

Is the link to the file in the email, and is the format of the email ALWAYS the same?

  1. yes the filename of the CSV has a non-changing naming convention. Only the date part of the filename changes e.g. 2022_09_29_filename.csv

  2. Actually, I use another service ( to monitor when the file changes. sends a notification email to signify whenever theres a change on the webpage. pagecrawl is not associated with the website so it does not send the file link to my email, only a notification that there’s a change on that webpage. Its only that filename changes on that webpage and pagecrawl detects that and sends a mail.