Gmail integration to get the email of receipient

I’m trying to extract the recipient’s email address – however, Gmail keep giving me the email address with an “e:” in front of the email (ex.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this? For instance: Markup 2022-07-11 at 12.39.48.png - Droplr

Here’s some screenshots from my scenario:

Thanks in advance!


If it’s always “e:” try using : substring(email,2)

Hmm - it seems like it actually cut off the first 2 characters of the email, but left the “e:”

Hmmm…This is interesting. It’s a bit complicated to help you without actually seeing the scenario.

It’s a bit of a guess, but try using a variable where you simply just extract the variable from gmail like it is(Varaible 1) , and then use a second variable to process Variable 1 with substring.

After that, just use variable 2 as email field.


I think it has something to do that Gmail is giving me a “bundle” - not just a string variable?

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Any other ideas? Nothing seems to be working :upside_down_face:

^^that is correct

Between your first two modules
You need an iterator


Like this
Recipients (even if there is only 1) is a “collection of objects.”
^^This would be passing a group of recipients
if you put a number between the two halves of the IML it would grab “x” spot in the collection of recipients.
E.G always get first recipients email

I have confirmed with my hubspot.