Newbie: Extracting Data from Email Text

Hey guys,

i am working with make since a couple of hours so i am an absolute newbie in this kind of materia.

I like to ask if it is possible to extract data like name, adress, etc. when it is written in the email text. The email test would be the same structure every time. So i like to collect data from email text but not from the header of an email.

Is it possible with make?

Thanks and best regards


Hi @Lukas94,
that a great idea and it’s possible too! :slight_smile:
Sadly, there is no visual extractor but if the structure is the same every time, you can use “set variable” in combination with Regex or substring() to get what you need.

Could you share the email so we might help to set up the formula?


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Hi @Richard_Johannes!
Thanks for your reply.
It would be great if you could help me setting the formula up.

A copy of the format of the E-Mail is attached (Lorem ipsum text because of data).

The personal data (name, street, etc.) should be extracted and then be added to airtable.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @Jan,
alright! This is always a little bit tricky but I’d try it this way. It depends on how this is rendered in text / html but you basically try to find spots where you can say the customer’s name is after “Name:” and before “Street:” and both only appear once.
You do this for every variable and then you have your information.

It’s always a trial & error for me! :confused: Hope it works & keep me updated! :slight_smile:

PS: COMPLETE EMAIL means you should map it there. I am missing this in the second substring.

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Thank you for your efforts!

I have tried it and it is already done. But the output of this variable is then - for example -“Street: Customer Name”. I now have to eliminate the “Street” in the output. But i have no idea how because the text after street or name is variable.

Do you have any idea?

You can use the text parser option to replace the ‘Street’ text. Just leave the replacement value blank.

Great idea @sArchitect. I usually just go on and add “+7” for the 7 letters of “street:”. The functions substring and indexOf work with numbers.


Oh yeah I didn’t think of that one, that’s a much more sophisticated way @Richard_Johannes


What does that mean?

Could you or anyone explain what exactly to do?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

@Lukas94 See this example below:

You can use this formula to remove the ‘Street:’ text from your output. Replace the ‘data set’ item in the above screenshot with the variable you are using for your ‘Street’ information.

Hope this helps.

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