How to extract few info like name and phone number using HTML from an email

Hey everyone, someone told me that I can extract the info I need such as name, email, and phone by using HTML on Make, since am new to make, am not sure how to do that.
Could anyone please show me how to do it. Thanks :slight_smile:

This is the email btw

and heres a place to get you started.

:one: Mailhooks Setup

use the mailhook module, it looks like you are using gmail,
setup a filter based on where you get leads from, and have those auto push to the mail hook.
Custom Mailhook with Gmail Setup Instructions

:two: Text Parser Module

:three: This is how you get sender name.


Hope this helps!


:warning: please redact personally identifiable information from the screenshot

This is to protect you and your leads
I have dm’d you an example replacement screenshot.