Gmail - Watch emails

I connected my Gmail and everything is find but when I try to setup this module I get " Failed to load date "

Hello @OUTMAN,

Are you using a Personal (gmail) account here?
If so, you should have followed this guide and in doing so you’re asked to set up various scopes. It’s possible you may have missed or more of those scopes.


Hello @Donald_Mitchell
Hope you’re doing well
Yes It’s a Personal Gmail , I set up everything but I don’t know why it’s not working

Note : it’s working in any module like send emails… but not working on watch emails

Hello @OUTMAN,

I would maybe double-check your scopes as reading and sending mail are two separate permissions.


Hello @Donald_Mitchell
Thank you a lot for helping me , I just Unlinked my Gmail account and try to link it again but could you please check with me what I have got :

All my Scopes are added please check the two pictures below , what are you thinking the issues will be ?

I don’t know if you will need to also this this Authorized URI:

I’m just not familiar with all the nuances of personal GMail connections so at this point I’m just guessing…

You may also need to Reauthorize the connection from the Make Connections page. With this type of connection, especially when the app isn’t published, might need to be reauthorized often.

Hello @OUTMAN ,

I have the suspiction that could be related to this Gmai folder [Failed to load data!] - #4 by Bruno_T.

Could you check you IMAP setting is enabled in your personal account?

Let me know if it works