Gmai folder [Failed to load data!]

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Select Gmail and connect

This address is your Google Workspace address.

After that, I followed the instructions on the screen.

Folder cannot be selected

Failed to load data!

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I have the same issue. Any resolution on this one please?

I got the same issue.

I think we have to validate the application since April 2023, the oauth connections are more secured.

Hi folks!

This appears to be caused simply due to IMAP being disabled on that particular account. Check out this page for information about enabling it.

If you don’t have access to IMAP settings, try reaching out to your Google Admin.

I hope this helps!

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Or You Can Make brand new connection.
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Heya @sowatanabe :wave:

just thought I might step in and ask whether you tried @Bruno_T’s or @Pro_Tanvee’s suggestion and if it did the magic.

If yes could you mark their response as a solution? This way we keep the community tidy and neat for other users to look for solutions.

Thank you :sunny:!