Google Chat API Issue

Hi ,
i have set a module and followed all the steps and done the connection but when I try to run module it give me the error , I have already enabled the API on console side
I have tried the custom oauth connection as well same issue on that side ,
any help will me much appreciated

thank you

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Hi Qasim_Abbas,

I have just followed the step-by-step user guide give here like you I think, and it works for me.

Could you retry ?




connection works , but when I run after connection for list space module it give me the error , did you run the module to list spaces ?

Hello Qasim,

You’re right, it is more complicated.
I found this very interesting response on StackOverflow : go - googleapi: Error 404: No bot associated with this project., notFound - Stack Overflow
If I well understand, you have to configure the chat app in the Google cloud, then you will get an URL that will be the space in the Make world.
Note: The Google Chat API is only available for the Google Workspace users (that I am not.)

I hope it helps.




I tried with that account as well still not get what I need and it shows same error

Ok, have you finish the configuration of the Google Chat app in Google Cloud side?

The 404 error code comes from Google (it means that you are asking for something that can’t be found, your information in Make doesn’t match with the information on Google side), have you got the application info as described in the link?


Any solutions to this?
I also face the same issue with the following error:

[404] Google Chat app not found. To create a Chat app, you must turn on the Chat API and configure the app in the Google Cloud console.```

I know this question was asked a few months ago but I hope this solution will help someone.

I followed the instructions found in this thread and it worked for me. I used an old Github Repo as the Connection URL (I put it under App URL) and a random image from as the Avatar URL. I also didn’t want to publish my app on Google Marketplace, so I ended up just manually adding the emails of a few people who were in the Space I wanted to have the chat message published in. I was then able to add the connection by going into the Space and typing ‘@myappname’.

If you get an “AppName not responding” message at first, don’t worry - I had that message because my integration wasn’t turned on.