Google Connection Failing – 401 (GA4, Search Console)

Hey there,

I’m using an HTTP OAuth 2.0 Module to authenticate with Google.

It connects for my working session, but when I return the next day it shows 401.

“Request had invalid authentication credentials. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See

This occurs with both accounts:

  • Personal Gmail account
  • Workspace account

Seems like this unresolved/closed thread discusses the same issue: Connect with google analytics (GA4 & UA)

Any ideas?

Same, do you find a solution ?

I did! Aron Klorenblit’s AATT channel has a video that was really helpful – show’s how to store an access token and generate a refresh.

For my workflow, I chose to create the refresh token at the beginning of my automation because it occurs every 24 hours.

Here is the link!

Heya @sean :wave:

Thanks a lot for circling back to the thread and for sharing the resource that helped get you on track with the rest of us! The community 100% appreciates this. :pray:

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