Google Contact Update from cituro

I want to update Google Contacts if there is a update at my cituro contacts.

I have two scenarios:

  1. A new contact is added at cituro → Google New Contact (thats allready good)
  2. If there is a update at a contact at cituro → New information to existing Google Contact

The action “Google Contacts - Update a Contact” wants an ID (this is the google contact id) but this id is not known in citruo. How can i get it work? Is there a way to search for a name or anything else?

Sorry i´m new to make and hope for inspiration!

(In cituro every contact has a ID , i give it to the google contact under “Nickname” but don´t know how to search after this and give the new information to the existing google contact)

Thank you in advanced for your help

Error Message

Hi @Whoodini,

Welcome to the make community!

The Google module asks for an ID of the Google contact to update. I am pretty sure this ID is not saved in Cituro. What you can do is add a new module in the middle of your scenario to search for a contact in Google Contacts. So:

  • Cituro: Watch Updated Customer
  • Google Contacts: Search contact (search based on unique variable, f.e. mail address)
  • Google Contacts: Update a Contact by using the contact ID from the preceding module.

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Hi Hank,

thank you for your fast response!

I tried but something is not working:
[404] Requested entity was not found.

I tested it with the first name, is here something wrong in the configuration:

Serach Aktion

Update Aktion


Hi @Whoodini,

The third module specifically asks for a Contact ID input. Try to find the Contact ID in the output from the second module, not a name.

Can you share the complete output bundle of the second module?


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HI @Henk-Operative ,

her is the output

I think i understand, but the probelm is the id from cituro is not in the data from google.
I tested to give the cituro contact id → google nickname

Test Search with ID

But there is the same error

The update contact action

In the search output the cituro id is at nickname , but under contact id is a different value. how to map in the search the cituro id → nickname ?

You misunderstand the logic, try this:

  • Cituro Watch Updated Customer
  • Google Search Contacts < Map ‘email address’ from previous Cituro module in the query search. (This way you do a lookup in Google Contacts based on mail address)

The output from the Google Search Contacts contains a Contact ID for the contact in Google (c8130360292482627312):

This is the ID of a contact in Google Contacts. You use this ID in as a reference in next Google modules, as this is the ID of the resource you want to interact with.

  • Google Update A Contact, map the Contact ID from the previous module in the Contact ID field.



Thank you for your great help @Henk-Operative , now this step is working with cituro 8. First Name .

Not every entry has a mail adress or some the same First / Last Name , so i wanted to use:

  • Google Seach Contacts - with two parameters (from Cituro 8. Last Name + 8. First Name) that must bei true

How to achieve this?
So it is not working:

i got this error

I found a solution with a filter: