Google docs & Sendinblue workflow issue


Steps I’ve taken :

  1. Trigger : watch new row in my google sheet.
  2. Create a document from a template with google doc.
  3. Send a email with this document as an attachment with Sendinblue.

My Issue :

In step 3, I’d like to send this google doc document as a PDF.

I’ve already built this workflow on Zapier, and it worked well (see below)

I add this Item “Export Links Application PDF” as an attachment

But with Make, I’ve a issue and I can’t fix it :

If anyone can help me please, because I’d like to leave zapier and to have all my worflows on make !

Thank you very much.


Hi @Idriss

The field requires that you upload an image but based on your variable it says it is an application/pdf format file. You need to map to file that is image file (PNG, JPEG, etc)

| Sendinblue Automation Expert

Thank you, Ahmed

Ok but I don’t want a image file, I want a pdf as I used to have on zapier.

Is there a way to do it ?

Hi @Idriss,

Use the Google drive Download module and click on advanced settings, convert your file to PDF. Then in Sendinblue you map the data from the Download module instead of using the URL (change the “type” first)

That should work

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Thank you very much Loic !

All good :slight_smile: