Google drive - Watch file in folder limitations?

I want to watch new files (in google drive) in a folder and its subfolders (recursively) and create a list in airtable with the starred items.
The connections are correctly working. I create a new file for testing, star it and try the scenario and none file is retrieved.
So I guess there’s a limitation with subfolders and maybe there’s a workaround?
I have to use subfolders, I can’t work without that. From Airtable, I’m able to synchronise the list of all the files of a folder and its subfolders (but it’s not what I want to achieve) so I guess there’s a way to list files in subfolders.

Here’s a screenshot of what Airtable is able to do.

And a video about someone coding it (but I can’t find out if it uses the API):

Thanks for any help.

This is actually a limitation of the module, you can only watch for files in that one folder you selected :pensive: