Google form to Hubspot Create Contact template from Make not working


I am admittedly new at Make integrations, so please forgive me if these are silly questions.

Basically, I need the Google form’s Google Sheet responses to create or update a Hubspot contact. Make has a template for this scenario (, and I just removed the email confirmation step.

The scenario runs without an error, but no contacts are actually created in my Hubspot. This isn’t a permissions issue (I’m a Hubspot certified super-user and super admin on this account) or a property misalignment issue (all the properties on the sheet are the same as in Hubspot), and I followed the Make provided template, so I’m not sure what’s up.

I’ve seen that there have been some questions from 2023 about this integration not firing correctly, but none of them gave me enough information to really understand what’s going wrong or how to fix it.

If anyone has an idea of how to make this integration do the following:

1st - Read Google Sheet responses from the Google Form
2nd - Create or Update a Hubspot contact profile with the properties from the sheet

I would really appreciate the assistance!

Welcome to the Make community!

This is likely due to the scenario “Check runs”, and there was no new form submissions.

A check run is when the trigger module does not detect any new changes from your external service, and does not run subsequent modules.

To show ALL the scenario runs including those that did not find new data, go to the scenario History tab, and toggle the “Hide check runs” to OFF.

Then, you can see all the times the scenario ran and did not detect new changes, thus terminating at the trigger module.

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