Google Forms Trigger not pulling data from response to name new files

Hello I created a session to create a new GDrive folder, new google sheets created from templates, new slack channel and new clickup folder all with the name of the brand provided in the google form response.

But it creates the items without the brand name (folder, google sheets, Slack channel are created but the Clickup task gets error below - I think bc it only has the dynamic part and nothing else)

Is there an error in Make collecting the data from Google Form? Something I left unchecked? It asks in the trigger how many responses to process at once so that’s set at 2 but I figured that’d be 2 actual forms filled out by 2 different people not amount of questions to process?

Error log:

@Crw06 Can you please export the scenario and provide me it’s blueprint? As even if it’s dynamic the name should go on to Clickup.

Or you can provide a loom video of the error.


Welcome to the Make community!

The module with the error is not shown in this screenshot

Module [12] is cropped out at the bottom.

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2. Scenario blueprint

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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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@samliew @Automate_with_Rezwan thanks so much, here is more info:
blueprint.json (77.9 KB)

Here is what is supposed to be input for create Slack Channel (it creates the channel named “c-” but doesn’t append brand name from the form):

Here is what is going in - maybe the private setting here needs to be fixed in forms?

But I dont see it as being private:

Here is the variable that is supposed to be copied within the completed form response:

Link to quiz: WGM Onboarding Form

Here is bundle input/output for Clickup task
Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 2.37.41 PM
Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 2.37.50 PM

Here is bundle output for the create Drive folder

“kind”: “drive#file”,
“id”: “17r5Y9zDyXDpo1cDv1yU7WhrQkkch5qCP”,
“name”: “New Folder”,
“mimeType”: “application/”,
“starred”: false,
“trashed”: false,
“explicitlyTrashed”: false,
“parents”: [
“spaces”: [
“version”: “1”,
“webViewLink”: “New Folder - Google Drive”,
“iconLink”: “”,
“hasThumbnail”: false,
“thumbnailVersion”: “0”,
“viewedByMe”: false,
“createdTime”: “2023-12-09T17:36:22.322Z”,
“modifiedTime”: “2023-12-09T17:36:22.322Z”,
“modifiedByMeTime”: “2023-12-09T17:36:22.322Z”,
“modifiedByMe”: true,
“owners”: [
“kind”: “drive#user”,
“displayName”: “Charles Warren”,
“photoLink”: “”,
“me”: true,
“permissionId”: “14133835738621459231”,
“emailAddress”: “”
“lastModifyingUser”: {
“kind”: “drive#user”,
“displayName”: “Charles Warren”,
“photoLink”: “”,
“me”: true,
“permissionId”: “14133835738621459231”,
“emailAddress”: “”
“shared”: true,
“ownedByMe”: true,
“capabilities”: {
“canAcceptOwnership”: false,
“canAddChildren”: true,
“canAddMyDriveParent”: false,
“canChangeCopyRequiresWriterPermission”: false,
“canChangeSecurityUpdateEnabled”: false,
“canChangeViewersCanCopyContent”: false,
“canComment”: true,
“canCopy”: false,
“canDelete”: true,
“canDownload”: true,
“canEdit”: true,
“canListChildren”: true,
“canModifyContent”: true,
“canModifyContentRestriction”: false,
“canModifyEditorContentRestriction”: false,
“canModifyOwnerContentRestriction”: false,
“canModifyLabels”: false,
“canMoveChildrenWithinDrive”: true,
“canMoveItemIntoTeamDrive”: true,
“canMoveItemOutOfDrive”: true,
“canMoveItemWithinDrive”: true,
“canReadLabels”: false,
“canReadRevisions”: false,
“canRemoveChildren”: true,
“canRemoveContentRestriction”: false,
“canRemoveMyDriveParent”: true,
“canRename”: true,
“canShare”: true,
“canTrash”: true,
“canUntrash”: true
“viewersCanCopyContent”: true,
“copyRequiresWriterPermission”: false,
“writersCanShare”: true,
“permissions”: [
“kind”: “drive#permission”,
“id”: “14133835738621459231”,
“type”: “user”,
“emailAddress”: “”,
“role”: “owner”,
“displayName”: “Charles Warren”,
“photoLink”: “”,
“deleted”: false,
“pendingOwner”: false
“kind”: “drive#permission”,
“id”: “anyoneWithLink”,
“type”: “anyone”,
“role”: “reader”,
“allowFileDiscovery”: false
“permissionIds”: [
“folderColorRgb”: “#8f8f8f”,
“quotaBytesUsed”: “0”,
“isAppAuthorized”: true,
“linkShareMetadata”: {
“securityUpdateEligible”: false,
“securityUpdateEnabled”: true

@Crw06 the answers from the Google form were mapped incorrectly. Please follow this format to properly map the value of the answer


@Automate_with_Rezwan I updated everything to add the value and it still is not finding it. I think the key is with it being “private” maybe?


No nevermind, that is making the channel private in Slack. It is just not picking up anything from forms

Hello, just stumbled on this. What might be the problem here is that the answer value is part of an array of collections (a list of all answers tied to all of the questions) and is therefore not being “parsed” to the desired output which in your case mimics a text concatenation (naming folders, etc)

As stated before I would try to map the value differently using the MAP and GET built in functions (without increasing the number of used operations). There is a great youtube video on this by @Msquare_Automation

EDIT: also found this in line with my explanation (from Make):

Hope it helps!


I don’t get it so Google Forms isn’t an acceptable trigger for this, it would need to be done with JSON @Si ?

Not sure what you mean by that.

But google form does return an array of answers, therefore you need to extract the specific value in the array before using it as e.g. plain text in your other operations (as you said - naming the folder). This is where Make is no completely “no-code”, but a basic understanding of programs is necessary as the operation will not simply extract text from an array unless you specify it how and where to.

How to do it is explained in my previous post and is actually pretty easy, dos not need to work with any specific JSON etc.
Example (you can copy paste and add your values):

{{get(map(Name (//of the question fields); "value";//additional filter - see documentation;); 1)}}

p.s. if you use ChatGPT or similar you could simply copy the form output bundle (from Make) and ask it to provide the formula for what you want to extract. It will probably be at least very close to the desired result without needing any additional “coding”.