Google Photos Watch Media Item doesn't work as I expect


I would like to upload newly added photos from a GPhotos album to Google Drive. The trigger I chose it’s the module Watch Media Item from Google Photos App. I trigger it with an API call.

I mapped the trigger with the GPhotos Download Media module and then a simple Upload File from GDrive app.

The problem is: after the first run, the trigger doesn’t give any new bundle. I tried to run it once, add a new photo to the album and then run it again (so there will be for sure a new item) but it didn’t work.

How should I use the Watch Media Item module for it work as I expect? It probably doesn’t run as I think.

Also, if you any idea on how to achieve my goal in other way, please suggest a different method.

Below two screenshots of the scenario so far.

Hi @Giacomo_Lanzi

I could see that the scenario scheduled to on demand, please change according to your requirement.

To get the data from now on please follow the below steps.

  1. Right click watch module and choose where to start.
  2. Choose option From Now on.
    3 Save scenario and turn on the scenario.

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Thank you for your reply.

I do know how it should work. Here the steps I used and the problem I get:

  1. Select “From now on” in the “Choose where to start” (right click on the module)
  2. Save the already active scenario
  3. Add some photos to the album
  4. Run the scenario
  5. The module has no output