Google Sheet and Xero Create Invoice error

U get an 401 error when I create an invoice in Xero. I already inquired with Xero support and told me to contact Make.

What does this error mean and how can I resolve this?


Hard to say without taking a closer look. It looks like an authorization issue. I would go to the connection page and verify the Xero connection first. Once the connection is verified try to run the scenario again. That is your best-case scenario.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I just checked… I think the permission lacks create invoices since I am able to create contact but not create invoice.

I can only see these permissions
Desktop Screenshot 2022.03.31 -

Yes, that is the issue. Normally when this is the case you are prompted to “extend permission”. Try to delete the connection and recreate it. If you create the connection on the “create invoice” module you will automatically get the right scope. If you create the connection on another module like “search contacts” then you should get a prompt as you see below to extend the permission.

I just checked and if you close the extend permission scope you can still save the settings and when you reopen the module you are not prompted again. I suspect this is what might have happened in your case.


Thanks. Yes, I figured this out but did the long method. I recreated a new scenario and started first with Create Invoice Module just to get the permissions correct.

Problem solved.

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