Xero Contact ID Preventing Scenario from Running

I have created a simple automation previously linking AirTable (watch record) to create a sales invoice in Xero.

I now have to do the same automation but in a different company so I have changed the token in AT and linked my other Xero account but for some reason I cannot get the Contact ID in the Xero module to function properly.

I’ve tried the last 1 1/2 hrs searching the forum, using the AI help bot, following the directions given in the above screenshot, dragging the AT field ‘ID’ and ‘Vendor full name’.

I also added another field to my AirTable called ‘Invoice to’ which is ultimately the field I’d like in there - but I’d be happy for the scenario to just run.

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What action are you trying to do with Xero? Since there is a Record ID in the input, it looks like you use “Update” instead of Create.

Anyway, the “Contact ID” is a unique identifier used in Xero to identify the record you want to update. So it cannot be “vendor full name”.
If you want to update a record (instead of always creating one), you first need to search the record (using vendor name or contact email, or any field that could help find the relevant record), and then you map the found Record ID in the “Record ID” field.

In case I’m not clear, or I misunderstood your request, can you please take a screenshot of the whole scenario, and explain whether you want to create, update or both?

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Sorry I am not sure if I have explained this correctly. The action I want is to create the invoice in Xero. The Contact does not yet exist in Xero so would need to create one.

What do I input into this field to get it to work?