Google Sheet + Telegram > Send message to specific stakeholders

I have several customers expecting different information based on a specific sport (Football, Basketball, F1, Golf, Volleyball).
I input information from a google form where I select the sport that goes into a google sheet.
How do I give separate information based on the sport picked by my customers, without giving them information on the sports they didn’t pick?

I already created a scenario with google sheet and telegram but I’m not seeing how to separate the information based on the sport selected in the form

Should I create a scenario for each sport based on the same google sheet, or can I use the same one?

Does anyone has an idea of how to do?

Hi Alfred,

Without knowing the specificities, the easiest way would be to use a router to separate your input bundle (so the Gsheets info I assume), and create multiple paths towards telegram.

On each path, you can set a filter, to filter out the sport. For each sport, you create a route. And you could also create an extra route, and mark that as the “fallback” one. In case there’s something in there that doesn’t have a route available (e.g. new sport, typo…)

Quick example I threw together, to help conceptualize this:


Thank you NolaDigital, this really help

I thought I had to a filter/router for each sport but it turns out that every sport will need their specific bot conversation

but would that mean that for every variation of customer plan (made of several sports picked by my customers) I will have to create a new conversation for the bot ?

@Alfred_B Yes, if you are going with the routes option you have to create multiple routes. However this could lead to a lot of routes eventually if I see your answer.

The other way is to either use if() statements (functions) in your bot message or use a so called “switch” to create the text you want to send.

Eventually at the end, whatever way you go, you still have to prepare the logic for each combination of sports or whatsoever.

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maybe a simpler way to put it would be:

Can the router help me send the information to customer separately and not to a group with several customers?

Btw thanks for your example - it really helps me visualise your example champ :star_struck: