Google Sheet to XML

Hi there,
I have a little question for you. Hopefully you can help me with my issue.
I have a Google Sheet witch looks like the one in the attached pictures

I would like to convert the Sheet to an XML file and upload it on OneDrive.
Of course no problem with the XML Converter. But unfortunately the Converter gives me 23 single files (because of the 23 rows). Is it possible to get all entries in one single XML file?

Looking forward for your help.

Best Christoph

Hello Christoph,

The aggregator is what you need to combine bundles.

After getting the rows from Google Sheets, you could use Aggregate to JSON, followed by Convert JSON to XML. Both of these modules are JSON modules.


Hi @christo1993,

The PDFco API can help you convert a Google Sheet or Excel file into XML format. This conversion tool allows you to transfer your data from the spreadsheet to XML. If you need more guidance on how to use this tool, you can check out the full tutorial at this link: :arrow_upper_right:

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team at We’re eager to help you with the conversion process.

Have a great day!