Google Sheets - Add a Conditional Format Rule

Just wondering if anyone out there understands the RGB Color picker in this module?

This is what I entered: (and also tried 218,228,301 … etc. to correspond to the RGB Color picker in google sheets.) and isn’t really working that well (under the Alpha I put the corresponding color’s HEX identifier)

it just seems to output really dark colors and was hoping for a standard light blue.


if you take the time to: read - and know - and reply - i’ll be ever grateful.

All the best!!

Hi @Pat_Shantz
The alpha part should be a value between 0 and 1, which specifies the opacity of the colour.

To specify the colour you should change the red blue and green value.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

I do understand the scale between 0 and 1 - and I just gave your numbers a try:

and my output was this color:


I must be doing something terribly wrong…

According to AddConditionalFormatRuleRequest, the possible range values for Color are:


so you can do 255 / 255 * 1 to get 1 for a solid red.

If in doubt, always check the external service’s documentation.

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Hi Sam - really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I read the documentation and didn’t find it that helpful in trying to understand what inputs would create a certain output.

Just wanted to close this thread as I’d found this tool to assist with inputting the correct numbers in order to get a particular color outcome.

Regarding the R, G, B inputs - the make module states:
Specify colors as a value in the interval [0, 1] .
(which seems to be correct)

However regarding the alpha value the make module states:
The alpha value isn’t generally supported, a value of 1.0 corresponds to a solid color, whereas a value of 0.0 corresponds to a completely transparent color.
(which doesn’t make any sense to me)

If you reference the coloUr picker tool (whoever created this tool must be in either Canada, the UK or Australia as they spelt color with a ‘u’, I digress) you’ll notice the alpha value is between 1-100.

My steps:

  1. I selected: sRGB (from the drop down.
  2. And then hit the “Import Color…” Button (color spelt with no ‘u’ now - these tool creators are insane … probably in a good way though, b/c they know lots about colors)
  3. Input the Hex value (which I pulled from Google Sheets; fill a sell with desired color > click the paint can > Under ‘CUSTOM’, select the ‘Add a custom color’ plus logo > you can then copy the corresponding Hex value)
  4. The color picker tool will then adjust to the inputted Hex values and I just then transcribed those values into my make module

To get a nice soft blue I input:
R = 0.78
G = 0.85
B = 0.97
Alpha = 93

I hope this helps someone in future. All the best.