Make & Google Sheets Formatting

Hi everyone!

I have an issue that seems common (based on Reddit threads I’ve reviewed) but finding a solution has proven difficult.

Context: Typeform → Make → Google Sheets.

Problem: Make adopts the formatting of the Google Sheet when inserting new data. Our customer service teams either change the text color, or collapse the rows to indicate the data has been processed.

Whatever formatting they use, Make adopts that formatting when inserting new data. We’ve tried every imaginable way to avoid this, but Make continues to adopt the formatting. All of this makes it exceedingly difficult for the CS teams to know what data has been processed, and what is actually new.

Any suggestions or solutions?

Hi @tonybosco,

A better way to handle this might be for the customer service teams to alter their workflows a bit.
Use a column value to indicate when something is done.
Use conditional formatting based on that column’s value for a given row.

There’s a potential workaround…

  • Find the last used row, you can do this with a Search Rows module.
  • Use arbitrary API call module to Insert a row at the next row, specifying "inheritFromBefore": false in the requests part of the body. Reference
  • Use Update a Row module to update the inserted row with your data