Google Sheets for Instagram Carousel

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Hi there, I am trying to get an Google Sheet to post to Instagram as a carousel.

I have 10 columns with image URLs in them that I have mapped to the Instagram carousel posting.

This works fine if there are 10 image URLs in the cells in Google Sheets, however, if there is say 9 or fewer, it fails and gives me the error:

Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).
Missing value of required parameter ‘image_url’.”

If I have 1 through 9 images, I would like it to ignore any missing URLs and simply post the image(s) to Instagram. Is this possible?

I have tried the following, but this still fails:


Any and all suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Before posting to Instagram, add a module that checks for missing image URLs in your Google Sheet. You can use the “Filter Records” module to filter out rows with missing URLs.
Best Regards