Not able to create an array from google sheets

I want to upload carousel posts on Instagram , the links are in my google sheets .

The number of links can vary from 2 to 6 for any carousel post.

How do i create an array from google sheets , as it is giving me error , when i am trying to do it. Image of my google sheet and scenario and blue print of my scenario.

Google sheet -

Scenario -

Issue -

Blue print -

blueprint (1).json (35.2 KB)

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Hi please use iterator before array aggregrator,
And in array pass function split(all coloum which can have url separates by comma ;,)
And then use this iterator values in your array aggregrator module

split(coloum D, E, F, G, H, I ;,)

It will automatically detect and parse into a required array which have the url values


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Aapka bht bht shukriya.

thanks a ton


Koi gal ni jee… :slight_smile:
Happy automation