Google Sheets To Gmail (To Many)

Hi There… Got the following situation going on.

My goal is to create a flow whereby when someone gets entered onto the GSheet (due to their shopify purchase), the scenario checks to see if they’re registered, and if they’re not, they go through a process (via GSheets search row), to get their email and send them an email asking them to register.

With the following setup, The Array aggregator is pulling all of the bundles perfectly and individually for each person. But I want the process to send out our email (which uses dynamically pulled data from the GSheet) to send these emails to each person once, one after the other, i.e.

E1: John - - "Hey John, We noticed that you blah blah blah
E2: Mike - - "Hey Mike, We noticed that you blah blah blah

and go through each record until all the people have been emailed.

I saw on a different post, someone using an iterator to have it cycle through all of the emails from the bundles, but what it’s doing at the moment is emailing the same dude over and over again… Luckily I know him otherwise it would have been awkward me trying to explain why he’s been emailed 20 times.

Appreciate your insight :+1:t3:


I say that in this situation you don’t need the aggregator and the iterator because from the GSheet module you iterate anyway, but in case you want to keep it that way I noticed that you mapped wrong in the Gmail module. You need to take the email address from module number 7 (iterator) not from module number 3 (aggregator).

And you have to use a filter to check if they are Unregistered.

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