Google Tasks always send the same due date (wrong)

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I have created a scenario where I want to send a google task to clickup, but the task in google task always appears with due date different than in google calendar. But it appears to be the previews day.

I have tried to format date with time zone based on my location, but I found that google task sends always the same hour no matter the hour fixed on google calendar.

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Could it be that the timezone is off?

If the Problem is not the timezone, a Screenshot of your input to the Google Tasks module would be great!


Please, send us the screenshoot with the raw data you receive. This way we can help you to understand the better way to fix it or change the scenario.

Thanks, Helio!
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This is happening to me as well.

Every task I import via google tasks has the same due time - 5pm yesterday.

Below are all trials I’ve done with different times trying to set up a sync from google tasks to todoist, but you can see that they all say the same time

The tasks I have set up in google tasks:

How they’re showing up in todoist

you can even see that when setting up the scenario all the tasks are showing that they’re due the same day (yesterday at 5pm)

I’m having the exact same issue pretty much, only with notion. But the Google Tasks module is pulling the incorrect date

Set the task to today in Tasks:


Yet the tasks module pulls Yesterday at 8 pm for some reason… quite puzzling.


Ok I think I figured it out. It is because of the time zone. Google tasks seems to exclusively use UTC, so I added parseDate to all the dates going into and coming out of it to make sure it’s being sent in my time zone (EST). It SEEMS to be working now… but we’ll have to see if anything else comes up.

From Tasks to Notion:
{{parseDate(3.due; “YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm a”; “America/New_York”)}}

From Notion to Tasks:
{{parseDate(1.properties_value.Due.start; “YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm a”; “America/New_York”)}}

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