Google Workspace Gmail/Drive - Domain Wide Integration with

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I am trying to setup Make integration for my entire google workspace team–ideally set it up via domain-wide authorization, since everyone has the same folders/labels we want to monitor via the scenario. Trying to make it turn-key for my users, as Make will be running in the background as a connector between services.

I’ve followed the instructions for Gmail integration ( ), but not quite sure how to get beyond where I am stuck. I have the service account & Oauth keys setup (like they instruct here: But then it makes me sign in with my google account to save the information (and I can’t figure out how to sign in with the service account credentials for it) & does not pull any of the other labels it should be authorized to pull.

This feels like it should be somewhat common, but I can’t seem to find any info to help with this. Is there something I am missing to make it work?

Another question: is there an easier way to setup the labels/folder pull for multiple folders than just making a super long gmail filter with a bunch of “OR” statements? (looking at gmail documentation, it sounds like I will need to opt for a bunch of OR statements).


FYI – heard back from support via a ticket. While they have instructions for basically how to setup domain wide delegation, they don’t actually have that enabled here.

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I just wanted to say a quick thank you for stepping back into the community and for letting us know what you learned from the support team. Much appreciated :pray:

To spell things out a bit more specifically for folks looking for similar information:

Domain-wide access is not supported in Make. To enable automation for individual accounts, each user must establish their own OAuth 2.0 connection.