Google Workspace Gmail/Drive - Domain Wide Integration with

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I am trying to setup Make integration for my entire google workspace team–ideally set it up via domain-wide authorization, since everyone has the same folders/labels we want to monitor via the scenario. Trying to make it turn-key for my users, as Make will be running in the background as a connector between services.

I’ve followed the instructions for Gmail integration ( ), but not quite sure how to get beyond where I am stuck. I have the service account & Oauth keys setup (like they instruct here: But then it makes me sign in with my google account to save the information (and I can’t figure out how to sign in with the service account credentials for it) & does not pull any of the other labels it should be authorized to pull.

This feels like it should be somewhat common, but I can’t seem to find any info to help with this. Is there something I am missing to make it work?

Another question: is there an easier way to setup the labels/folder pull for multiple folders than just making a super long gmail filter with a bunch of “OR” statements? (looking at gmail documentation, it sounds like I will need to opt for a bunch of OR statements).


FYI – heard back from support via a ticket. While they have instructions for basically how to setup domain wide delegation, they don’t actually have that enabled here.

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I just wanted to say a quick thank you for stepping back into the community and for letting us know what you learned from the support team. Much appreciated :pray:

To spell things out a bit more specifically for folks looking for similar information:

Domain-wide access is not supported in Make. To enable automation for individual accounts, each user must establish their own OAuth 2.0 connection.

There should absolutely be a way to send a user a link for them to authenticate their Gmail account in order to add it to scenarios. It’s crazy that this isn’t a thing. Please please please tell me I’m wrong.

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I just wanted to clarify that it is not possible to authenticate Gmail services ad hoc (meaning not from the platform they are supposed to authenticate with) due to the nature of how OAuth connections work.