GPT no model available

Hi, I just add my GPT model as usually. Ensure my connection to GPT API is working. But I cannot access to any GPT Model. None of them show up.

I tried to add a new GPT account with a new API but nothing change.

Futher thanks to your help ^^


I can confirm that I am having the same issue! Just submitted a support request. I’ll update here when I hear back.

Looks like it’s back online now

Hello @here

Thank you very much for raising this here in the community :pray:

Even though I’m late to the party, I’d still like to confirm that this was an issue on our end and that the fix was deployed as soon as it was possible.

I’m really sorry for any trouble and frustration this has caused you. Thank you for bearing with us.


Thank you all ! I close this topic :wink: