Has anyone ever made a request of the FitBit api?

Has anyone ever made a request of the FitBit api? I’ve been experimenting with implementing a regular http post request to get basic activity and sleep information, but no luck so far - has anyone seen any recent examples of anyone doing a fitbit api request on Make? It’s failing on the OAuth2 step for me.

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Yes. We worked on similar thing recently

What is the issue you are facing?

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Basically I’m trying to create a connection, like so

A new window pops up - I have granted access to sleep, then it goes to http://localhost with a code and status in the querystring (which looks like this http://localhost/#access_token=TOKENVALUE&user_id={uSERid}&scope=sleep&state={sTATEvaLUE}&token_type=Bearer&expires_in=86400)

Once i close that window (on localhost) I get the warning “Accounts verifyFailed”


Do you have solved your problem ?
I’m trying also to connect Make with fitbit apps.

First of all the redirect URI I put is : https://www.integromat.com/oauth/cb/oauth2

But 2 problems :

  • we need to generate a PKCE code and a base64url-encoded SHA-256 transformation of this code. → with make there is no base64url .

  • then : when you make the authentification, you need to retrieve a code (that you will exchange for access token) and this code is stored in the redirect URI (like https://next.integromat.com/oauth/cb/oauth2?code=XXXXX#_=_) and I do not understand how I can retrieve it.

So if you have succeed in you authentification, I’m interesed :wink:

My solution wound up being using the free plan of another service to move the data from FitBit to google sheets, and then using Make.com to transfer the data from google sheets to notion. Not elegant but it works.

Oh yes, good idea to pass through another tool… Is it possible to have the name of this other service ?