Help converting string to an array


I have a scenario that I am struggling with. In the scenario I make and api request and get the following response:

[{“_id”:“59fcbb00b87ee86d2153e7bb”,“clientName”:“13th & U Street Lessee, L.L.C”},{“_id”:“5f0f853886910a7e3cb9b53b”,“clientName”:“240 Central Park South”},{“_id”:“5cd09c0ff8e83d580c2d1a40”,“clientName”:“2501 Oak Hill Owner, LP”}]

How can I convert this response to an array including the i"d" and the “client name”?

In your HTTP module settings “Parse response” field, select “YES” (it is “No” by default)


This will allow you to map the response collection properties (variables) in subsequent modules.

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