Help me please! get collection values

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    I am trying to list board activity logs from so I can use AI to summarise activities in each board. I am having an issue with collection data, and getting the values from within each.

This is my board, I’ll upload blueprint too.

I am trying to collect the data within Value and Previous Value.

I have tried Extract an item and/or its value from an array of collections template that is supplied, but i still can’t do it!
As you will see in my blueprint, i’m trying, and failing at multiple ways to get the data from collections.
blueprint (3).json (91.5 KB)

Hi @Rob_Curtis

This error typically occurs when a field that expects a single text value receives a collection of data instead. Please ensure that you are mapping a text value to the appropriate field.

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Could you show me an example of how it works? Im struggling to figure this out to pull the data?