Inconsistent objects in "Value" collection depending on module

When using the “Watch Boards Column Values” module, there is a very helpful value included in the “Value” Collection when a status column is changed. The “is_done” value is true or false depending on whether the status chosen has been deemed “done” (so in a status column where there are eight possible choices, three of them might indicate that the task is “done”, whether “uploaded”, “approved” or “resolved”, for example. The “is_done” indicates whether the selected status is one of those that means the task is done).

Other modules which query the information in a status column don’t seem to include the “is_done” value in the “Value” Collection, however.

Here is what I mean:
“Watch Board Column Values”

Here “is_done” is included in the Value collection.

“Get an Item’s Column Value”

Here you can see that “is_done” is not included in the Value.

Can someone who is more versed in the actual query language tell me how I can perform a query of a column value and get the “is_done” value the same as the Watch Board module?