Help Scout to Slack

Hello all,

Very new to Make, coming from Zapier. I made my first automation about two weeks ago.

We have an automation from HelpScout to Slack. The scenario has a router > filters by email > then messages specific channels in Slack (see screenshot).

The problem I’m having is not being able to edit the HelpScout trigger, I’ve had to rebuild most of it in the past. We have duplicate messages and some that don’t even fire, likely due to the configuration.

Is there no way to Edit triggers? Are some just not editable? What’s the best way to get around this?


Welcome to the Make community!

  1. Is the scenario turned on?

  2. Do you see this message / are there any queued items in the Webhook queue?

You might need to clear your existing webhook queue before the newer data is processed. Click “Show queue” and delete all of the data, to only process new incoming webhooks from now on.



Thank you for your help. Yes, the Scenario is on but I don’t see the queue option in the scenario screen.

I cloned the Scenario and made some adjustments to the settings (not really sure what they do) and now monitoring to see if the issue repeats itself.