Help understanding mapping of collections

Hi there. I’m trying to understand why I can’t access collection data within a module.

I have a module that gets a shopify order. When I view the data, I can see that the Note attributes field is an array with 2 collections, each having a name and value field.

However when I try to access that data in a later module, I don’t have access to both collections, as seen below:

Can someone help clear up my misunderstanding here?


It is cause it is an array and thus rendered as a single entity in mapping, you can differentiate whether a mappable parameter is an array by previewing at the end of the name.

You can use an iterator to go over the values available in the array or use the map function if you want to grab the data from it. Also, you can use the mapping like this to get a particular index from an array,

Screenshot from 2023-04-03 22-05-49

What do you want to do with it, though?

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Ahh, got it! Thanks, @Runcorn - this got me what I needed!