🟣 How a 17-year-old Used Make to Build an App that His Entire School Uses

Hey Makers :wave:

I’m rushing over to share a great story with you. Remember what you were doing when you were 17? I do! I listened to emo music, read pretentious books, and felt like a proper intellectual :sweat_smile:

:brain: Zach Smith, on the other hand, managed to simplify the lives of his classmates by developing an app that lets them easily check all the info related to their homework assignments and schedules.

:bulb: A more than brief summary of what Zach did to tease you a bit:

  • Designing a prototype in Figma
  • Building the app in Adalo
  • Automating everything with Make

If you ever worry about kids these days, make sure to check out Zach’s story and see that young people do, indeed, hold the key to creating a better future :blush:


And what did you use to occupy yourself with when you were 17? Drop a line in the comments :arrow_down:


Love this. thanks for sharing. :grinning:

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What a story, amirite? :nerd_face: