How can I interact with the sidebars on my wordpress site?

I have a custom html on the sidebar of my wordpress site. I’d like to automate the content of this widget.

But I can’t figure out how to upload the sidebar information to Make.
I’ve tried activating “tie_sidebar_pos” in Custom API Fields but I don’t know how to get the data, nor if it’s the right way to interact with the sidebar.

On MAKE’s wordpress module, we only have posts, categories, comments, media, users, tags, taxonomies but no sidebar.
Do I need to use an API call?

Can you show me the best way to interact with the sidebar of a wordpress site?

Thank you !


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It depends on the Wordpress theme or plugins used to manage the sidebar content. Could you shed some light on how it’s done?


Hello !

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I use the Bimber theme. Here are some captures of the sidebar content:

And here is the part I want to automate :

I think the Wordpress sidebar is also called a “widget”.

Looks like the Wordpress integration on Make does not have a “List Widgets” or “Update Widget” module. (Make doesn’t have an integration for this third-party service or a module for this particular endpoint)

Wordpress has a Widgets API Reference/Documentation that you can call using in Make using the Wordpress universal module (Make an API call).

You can also suggest for it to be made in the Idea exchange. Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.


Ok ! Thank you very much @samliew !
Have a great day :slight_smile: