How do i delete a notion database item?

I am new to Make and i have finished the make academy tutorials.
WHile i was exploring with notion. i have trouble delete database item. the only module i find possible is “update notion database item”, but i could now achieve what i need with it. any hlep?

To delete a database item in Notion, you can use the “Make an API Call” module in Make.

  1. Use /v1/blocks/{{}} as the URL (where {{}} is the ID of the database item to delete)
  2. Select “DELETE” as the Method

Thank you, i am new to Make, and my main scenario were based on notion. were there any example archives specifically focused on notion that i can learn from? or where can i learn more in depth about using notion with make. the Make doc about notion has few information.

You can learn about the Notion API here. If you understand the data structure and available endpoints, you will also understand how Notion modules in Make work. As for examples, I am not sure about specific sources where to find those. You may find something if you google or search on YouTube. I did some videos on Notion automation in Make too.