Notion Update Database Item - Delete Data - Specifically EventID

I’m using the notion update database item when deleting a calendar item. I want to remove/clear any data in the notion database field EventID rather than adding a comment. Is this possible and how? I’ve searched high and low and can’t find this solution anywhere in the community. Thank you. :sunglasses:

I found the solution with a bit of trial and error… simply added ‘erase’ function. I’m new to Make but loving it so far.


Hello there @martinjacksonuk and welcome to the community! :blob_wave:

Amazing to see that you were able to solve this puzzle on your own! :jigsaw:

Also thank you very much for remembering us and coming back here with the solution. This way we maintain our community healthy and neat for others as well as for ourselves.

Keep up the awesome job! :sunny:

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