How do I filter email addresses from a collection

So I would like to filter email addresses from M365 Calendar Meetings and get the row # from Excel that matches any of the attendees

Is there a way to use an operator in the Condition to try and match all the possible emails with in the Collection? For instance - 1. Attendees[ ALL ]: Email Address.Address

The number of Attendees will not be the same for every meeting in my example there are 6 attendees and it should only return 1 Row # as only 1 of the 6 email addresses are in the Excel Spreadsheet

Thank you very much for your help it is greatly appreciated!

Can anyone please help?

Hi @Jeffrey_Polaski,

What you need to do is use the map function for this. Use the map function to extract the email address from the attendees’ fields and then use Array Contains Filter to check it against the email that you are getting from Workbook rows.

{{map(1.attendees; “emailAddress.address”)}}


Hi Runcorn,

Thank you so much for the reply - I have been struggling to figure this out.

Here is what I am getting:

I setup the filter as you suggested (1)

Here is the email that we should be matching with (2)

And yet it does not match to the email (3)

Please help.


Hi @Jeffrey_Polaski

To address your problem, kindly refer to the following loom video.

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Thank worked thank you so much.