How do I parse and format this date so Notion can recognize it as a date in it's calendar view

Hi there,

I have a variable presented in the YYYYMMDD format within a string, and I’m looking to convert it into the DD/MM/YYYY format for Notion to identify it as a date.

Could you please advise on the best approach for this? I attempted to use the “Set Variable” tool to format it, but I’m not confident in my coding skills.

Thank you in advance!


The given formatted date can be converted to a date datatype using the parseDate() function.
Eg: parseDate(InputDate;YYYYMMDD)

Now, you can format as per your requirement using the formatDate() function.

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Thank you. Your answer was crucial for me in finding the way to pass through it - simple and objective. I’m posting the screenshots below so that everyone in the same situation can solve it too.

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