Jotforms to Notion

I fill out a Jotform with information for an invoice that I want to have populated into a Notion database but I keep getting Bundle Validation Error.

blueprint.json (73.6 KB)

It may be an issue with the date format from Jotform fields mapped into the Notion module. Date values must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD


Yes, that was the issue! Thank you so much! It wouldn’t accept the "pretty’ date option, so I had to put the individual items with ‘-’ between.

But the question: to make them look how I want them to (MMM d, YYYY), would I just add a Tool module > Set Multiple Variables to change the look before sending it to a Google doc?

I ask because I tried to do formatDate(Invoice Date // from Notion module; MMM d, YYYY) and received this error.

It looks like the mapped variable may be wrong - either you erroneously selected an array/collection instead of a date value, or you would need to use the “parseDate()” function before the “formatDate()” function, in order to ensure Make “understands” it is a date object that is being processed