How do I pull daily Xero Sales line item data into a Google Sheet?

I want to pull sales line item data from each Xero invoice into a Google Sheet every time a new invoice is created in Xero.

the Xero options seem to only allow for a specific, named invoice to be extracted. I need to to work on every invoice as it is created.

I also need to exclude the Shipping charge line item from each invoice.

Eg: In Xero, if I have an order for 2 products, I will also have a Shipping line item:

I want the 2 products in my Google Sheet but not the SHIP line item.

To summarize:

  1. How do I pull sales line item data as each new invoice is created in Xero?
  2. How do I exclude the SHIP line item from the data that is added to my Google Sheet?

Hey @FellowHuman
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We can watch invoice With the help of “Watch Invoice” module in XERO
Screenshot 2024-02-02 002139

And add all the things in google this with the help of Google sheet "Add a row"module
Screenshot 2024-02-02 002238

You just need to connect the modules.


Thanks Abhishek,

The challenge is that I can’t see which of these options would allow me to pull daily sales line item data…


I have these options


You’ll need to first use Watch Invoice for new invoices created, and then Get an Invoice which will most likely require an Invoice ID that is going to be mapped from Watch Invoice output bundle. Then you will get the details of the invoice in a bundle and you can work out the various line item details to extract items you want.