Google Sheet to Xero Invoice Line Items Tax Rate Update

I am creating an Invoice in Google sheets that will be uploaded and synced to Xero.

I already created the line items to Xero. However, I noticed that the Tax rate is not being updated in to the Xero Invoice.

I need the tax rate to be inputted in Google sheet and subsequently updated in Xero Invoice.

I tried several scenarios like 10%, 0.1, “Tax on Sales” and no value as well.

But if I put 10% or 0.10, or a string of characters, it either produces an error message or the Xero Invoice Tax Rate is not updated…

Desktop Screenshot 2022.04.01 -

Here is a screenshot of all the tax rates that we are currently using

This is the data structure of the line items being queried in Google Sheets. (I tried putting value as well instead of text, but doesn’t work as well)

How do I encode the right

Hi @JPRamirez,

Try to enter “OUTPUT” for the field TaxType and enter the tax amount in dollars.


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