How do I write a Do ... Until loop with exit condition

I am looking to call an external api endpoint that process the result. If the response does not meet a condition then I want to sleep for 10 seconds and attempt it again and again until the response meets a condition then exit the loop.

Repeater loop is a fixed loop. I used it to create a prototype scenario. However, I don’t know how to force exit a Repeater loop or if that is even possible.

Any idea?

There is no functionality to run a scenario indefinitely. It has a 40 minute max execution limit so you cannot do this in make.

What you can do is schedule it to run to check the status of your system but it can be scheduled once every 15 minutes not every 10 seconds.

Maybe a web hook would be a better way to monitor the state of your system?


My loop would not run more than 300 seconds total. So 40 minutes max scenario is not an issue.
I required repeated checks every 10 seconds to see if data is present. Endpoint I am calling is going to return me data but requires few attempts.
Is there a way to break out of the repeater loop???
Is there a way to use the router and filter to return response and break out to the Scenario?

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This has been asked several times before.

The only method closest to a do-while loop in programming in a Make scenario is a repeater-error.

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This response could be of interest it uses the error handler and a repeater

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