Going back to a module until a certain condition is met?

I’m a new user, and I found similar topics and read them, but I’m still not sure how to do it yet. So, please let me ask if you don’t mind.

I’m using an external API to convert a file to another format. This conversion takes some time according to the size of the file being converted. There is an API call to check the conversion status. So, I’m checking the status after sleeping for 30 seconds.

I added a router and set up a filter to move forward (get the converted file) if the status is “finished”. If not “finished”, I would like to go back to the 30-second sleeping module if possible. I mean I would like to see the following if possible:

It seems no flow control modules are available to make this happen simply. I understand that Repeater requires a specific number to be repeated. But, in my case, it depends.

I’m sure there are ways to accomplish what I would like to do.

It would be great if anyone could provide suggestions and recommendations.

Thank you!


Welcome to the Make community!

This is actually a common question.

The only method closest to a do-while loop in programming in a Make scenario is a repeater-error.

You might find this topics useful:

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Thank you very much for the reply. I went through the topics and I was able to implement what I would like to see. I mean I did some tests and it worked as I expected.

I have added a Repeater module before the Tools: Sleep module and added an HTTP: Make a request module with a bogus URL which returns the “Service is not reachable.” connection error and a Commit module at the end.

The scenario now looks like the following:

Again, thank you very much!



That’s amazing, you’re on your way to becoming a Make wizard with this newfound knowledge!

Glad I could help, and thanks for sharing your final solution with us!

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