How do you monetize your solutions?

Not at all. But you have to make sure it aligns with the value you bring every year or month.

Hi Alex,

Very interesting everything you are sharing. I read above, that besides these you mention here you also have an installation fee? Is that per scenario? Meaning, every time they need a new scenario there is a new installation fee?

Also, I assume the configuration of some scenarios is more complex than others, is the price a standard price for all regardless of the scenario or is it based on complexity and any customization requirements?

The installation fee is to configure and install all the scenarios that compose our suite of automation for QuickBooks for WildApricot. There are multiple scenarios that accomplish the invoice, customer and payment sync process. We charge a small fee when we need to upgrade the scenarios if we ever make material improvements to how they work and our clients want to get the upgrade on their account.

All our scenrios for this particular package have to be configured via a data store record that we defined, so the underlying scenarios don’t change but only the configuration data that feeds the scenarios.

@alex.newpath thank you for your input! How do you keep your clients not copying your scenario to their own account and leave your subscription?

Me personally, apart from bespoken developments I also sell blueprint templates at this automations marketplace NoCodeClick, it’s more or less passive income and works as a portfolio too, so many times the sell is easier because they know what they want already.

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We don’t. We give them the scenarios and put them in their own make account they setup with our affiliate link. If they want to modify them they can. If they break them we charge them to go back to the standard scenarios. There’s not real way to limit access unless you host the scenarios on your own account and don’t give them access to login. We don’t do that.